Laundry Vocabulary! | Speaking and Pronunciation

source: Rachel's English        2018年4月17日
How to Use this Video:
The vocabulary words in this video are all about the laundry. But the best way for you to use this video is to think of it as a vocabulary builder exercise. I recommend that you go over the entire vocabulary list multiple times, repeating along with me as I teach you the proper pronunciation. I want you to use the video as a vocabulary workshop, putting in as many repetitions as necessary for you to understand each of the vocabulary words with meaning. What do I mean by that? I’m getting at the idea that vocabulary meaning is more than simple repetition. By learning these vocabulary words in the context of an everyday situation, you have the opportunity to learn English in-context. That’s crucial. Whenever you can learn vocabulary words with meaning—within the actual real-life context—you’re going to automatically increase the power of the vocabulary builder that you’re using, no matter what type it is or who the teacher is. The vocabulary list in this video is confined to a specific daily situation—doing the laundry—and that’s done with purpose on my part. My belief is that if you watch this video multiple times, repeat along with me and truly push yourself to use it as a vocabulary workshop you will easily and permanently incorporate this vocabulary list into your permanent memory and daily lexicon. That’s the power of learning English in a real-life context. It’s much more successful than trying to memorize a long list of vocabulary words. I’m really proud of my vocabulary builder videos—I hope you check them all out and that you commit 100% to my vocabulary workshop model of learning!—and I would love to hear from you in the comments about what you think  Good luck to you and I hope you enjoy learning these vocabulary words with meaning.