News Review: Scottish government sets minimum price for alcoholic drinks

source: BBC Learning English          2018年5月1日
The story
A minimum unit price for alcohol has come into force in Scotland.
The Scottish government believes it will reduce the harm caused by excessive drinking – leading to fewer hospital admissions and alcohol-related deaths.

--booze: alcoholic drink
• It was difficult to get up today. There was a lot of booze at last night's party.
• Too much boozing can lead to serious health problems
--calls time on: announces the end of an activity
• Neil's called time on using the internet. He's had enough of it.
• Environmentalists say we have to call time on fossil fuels.
--day of reckoning: a time when you have to deal with a past mistake
• Catherine had a day of reckoning with her garden after the weeds started to take over.
• Some people say social media's day of reckoning will happen soon.