Pronunciation – the word THEM | Pronunciation Guide

source: Rachel's English        2018年4月3日
In this video you get a spoken English lesson on the word THEM. If your goal is to speak English fluently, pronunciation of short reduction-heavy words like THEM is crucial. The word them is a great example of why English pronunciation is such a big challenge. It usually gets reduced so much that it’s almost unrecognizable in a sentence. You will get many examples of the reduction of the word them in this video and you can turn the video into an English speaking lesson by listening and repeating the sounds that you hear. You can absolutely speak English fluently but the only way to get there is through speaking English practice. You learn English in the same way that a native speaker learns English when you do it this way.

Because it’s most common to learn English through reading it’s easy to have incorrect pronunciation. But you can quickly improve your spoken English with my step-by-step videos. If your goal is to learn English pronunciation here’s the key: a great pronunciation guide and lots (and lots!) of English speaking practice.

As you use this video for training on the word them you will be actively working to speak English fluently. Working on the pronunciation of the word them might seem like a small or too-specific task for a spoken English lesson. But because you will be immersed in the English language of native speakers throughout the video you will be picking up pronunciation skills almost without trying.

Repetition and training are the only way to speak English fluently. Some people will tell you that it’s just about motivation or a certain mindset. That’s just not right. You can absolutely speak English fluently, but only through focused training on the correct pronunciation. The best way to learn English is to follow an experienced, professional pronunciation guide…and that’s exactly what you’ve got with Rachel’s English!