Top 7 Everyday English phrases & Expressions you will use over & over

source: Learn English with Let's Talk          2018年3月31日
This English conversation lesson takes a look at everyday English phrases and expressions that can be used in real life English conversation. Your English teacher Sonia brings about 7 such everyday English phrases that would help you speak English confidently and have real live conversations. Learning English with Let’s Talk is always fun and engaging, Have a look at the examples and meanings to understand them well.
Broke – to have no money
I’m broke; I need to borrow money from my father.

Drop someone a line - to send someone a quick and short message by SMS or email
Please drop me a line the next time you are in town.

To know something like the back of your hand – to know something extremely well
I have been living in this city for a long time; I know the roads like the back of my hind.

To bite off more than one can chew – to take up more work than one can manage
The new boy in my office, he is in trouble. I told him not to bite off more than he can chew.

Fill in for someone – to do someone’s work when they are away
Peter is on a family trip, so I am filling in for him at work.

In ages – in a very long time
Where have you been, I haven’t seen you in a ages

Cut it out – stop doing something irritating or annoying
I don’t like this song that you are singing, cut it out now.

These English phrases can easily be incorporated in everyday English conversation, so practice them well and use them appropriately in your daily English.