Negotiating in English: Example

source: Maxim Achkasov
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Alright, Vasiliy. I think we've agreed on what we need. 
Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty -- how soon can you deliver, and how much is it going to cost?
Ok. That is $1,500.
Wow, as much as that?
Is there any way we could bring it down a little?
Well, that figure is based on what you said you need, Daniel.
I might possibly be able to bring it down a little, but only if we had a three-year contract.
Well, I'd be reluctant to a three-year contract unless you could guarantee a maximum down time of 4 hours per month.
Could you do that?
Let me reassure you on that point, Daniel. Our services are very, very stable and average time is less than 2 hours per year.
So we are happy to guarantee less than 4 hours per month, as long as you choose our premium service level -- but of course, it's more expensive.
Well, I don't really want to increase the budget.
What about lead time? Can you have the site up and running by next month?
Not unless we hire another developer.
I suppose we could do it, providing you paid a year's fees in advance.
Normally, development time is around three months.
Look, let's split the difference. I can pay six months in advance on condition that you have all up and running in one month and a half. And if you can bring the monthly fee down 5% and include the premium service, I'll agree to the three-year contract.
You are a though negotiator, Daniel. But OK, I think we can agree to that.
It's a deal!
Yes, that's right. I just happen to have a bottle of champagne in my bag here. So, if you can just sign here, here and here, we can celebrate your new e-business!