Asking & Giving directions

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2014年5月9日
# Common verbs:
1. Go (left, right, straight, down, up, through)
Examples : go left, go straight, go down the hill/slope, go up the hill/slope, go through the tunnel.
2. Take road name : you can also take the road name/number
Examples : Take road 1, take the Avenue road.
3. Turn (right/left) : You can say 'turn right/left' if the person is driving as he would need to turn his steering wheel in a particular direction.
4. Stay on + the road name + distance/time
Example : You turn left and stay on Avenue road for 5 kms/ ten minutes.

# Useful transition words:
--After that, you take road 1.
--Then, turn right.
--Next, you will see a bakery shop.
--When you get to the bakery, you go down the hill.
--And finally, you will reach the new mall.

# Pointing out landmarks:
Examples :
You will see the City Hospital on your left. (the hospital is well known in that area)
Across the Cookies and Morebakery . (the bakery is popular in that area)

# Including some important information:
Examples :
--It's a on way lane.
I--t's a very busy road.
--There might be road repairs.

# When you don't know how to give people directions:
--I'm sorry. I'm not from here so I don't know my way around.
--I'm afraid I can't help you.