Talking about movies

source: Learn English with Let's Talk   2014年4月20日
# Types of movies :
1. Romance Comedy
2. Science fiction (scifi)
3. Horror
4. Documentary
5. Animated
6. Action
7. Thriller

# Describing a Movie - "How was the movie?"
- It was heart warming and a total laugh riot.
- The special effects were breath taking
- It made my blood run cold.
- It gave me food for thought
- The plot was intriguing

#Some useful vocabulary :
--Casting -The selection of actors or performers for the parts of a film.
--Veteran - A veteran is a person who has had long service or experience in the film industry.
--Dubbed - To translate the movie into regional languages.
--Sun-titles - captions displayed at the bottom of a cinema or television screen that translate or transcribe the dialogue or narrative.
--Cinematography -the art of photography and camerawork in film-making.
--Trailer - a series of extracts from a film or broadcast, used for advance publicity.
--Sequel -A film or movie that continues the story or develops the theme of an earlier one.
--Cameo -A cameo role or cameo appearance is a brief appearance or voice part of a known person in a work of the performing arts, typically unnamed or appearing as themselves.
--Block buster- A particular a film that is a great commercial success.
--Bombed- A particular a film that is not successful.