Medical English - Hospital English

source: Twominute English     2013年12月11日
People get sick, injure themselves, have different kinds of diseases and, to treat them, they have to go to hospitals. Asking different questions about your disease or operation, medicines, etc is very important.
You need to correctly tell the doctor what your symptoms are, and you must make no mistakes in understanding what the doctor advises you. So listen carefully, and make sure you build the vocabulary that you'll need when you visit a hospital.

0:16 Doctor, what’s wrong with my mom?
0:18 She’s got the flu. I want you to monitor her temperature.
0:22 How often should I check it?
0:25 Once every four hours.
0:27 What about the diet?
0:29 Regular food, but avoid heavy foods and include soups.
0:34 Okay. Is there anything else I need to take care of?
0:37 Yes. I wanna have a look at her again after three days, so make sure you visit me.
0:50 We’re going to do the operation tomorrow. I can see you look worried. But don’t be!
0:57 I am trying not to…Is it gonna hurt?
1:00 You’ll be under anesthesia. You won’t feel a thing.
1:04 That’s a relief.
1:06 You’ll need to sign a consent form before we can begin the procedure.
1:11 No problems. I’ll sign it.
1:14 You got a family member here?
1:16 Yeah, my brother’s here. He must be around.
1:26 How did you get hurt?
1:28 I tripped on the stairs and banged my head.
1:31 That sounds ugly. Did you lose consciousness?
1:35 I’m not sure. I think I was out for just a few seconds.
1:38 Okay, well that’s not good. We’ve gotta put you under observation.
1:43 But I feel better now.
1:45 Sure you do, but it’s a concussion and you lost consciousness.
1:50 It doesn’t hurt to monitor you for a few hours just to make sure you’re fine.
1:56 Okay, doc.
2:03 I feel so weak doctor.
2:06 What happened?
2:08 My head is swimming. I feel dizzy.
2:11 Did you get hurt? Are you ill?
2:14 I don’t know. I was at the beach, sunbathing all day, and now I feel so dizzy.
2:19 Oh no! It seems you’ve got a sunstroke. We’ll need to admit.
2:25 What’re you gonna do?
2:27 Nothing major, just going to give you a saline drip, and some medicine.
2:32 Okay. Thanks.
2:37 Doctor, what’s wrong with my mom?
2:42 How often should I check it?
2:46 What about the diet?
2:50 Is there anything else I need to take care of?
2:56 Is it gonna hurt?
2:59 That’s a relief.
3:02 I tripped on the stairs and banged my head.