Pet peeve

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2014年01月05日
Pet peeve means that something which irritates you a lot. It is something that annoys you or something you just dislike. Many pet peeves are related to social convention and hygiene. They may consist of small behaviors that are not important, but for some reason these behaviors are extremely irritating. For example, when you see a person chewing with open mouth, you feel disgusted. It bothers you and puts you off. This means, it is your pet peeve.

Example 01 : Marc's fascination for his new tablet was his girlfriend's pet peeve as she always felt neglected.
Example 02 : Anna regrets house parties as cleaning a messy kitchen and doing dishes are her pet peeves.
Example 03 : Lisa's latest pet peeve is her husband's snoring as it leaves her with sleepless nights.
Example 04 : Richard was embarrassed when his boss told him , " My biggest pet peeve is my employees coming in late to work."
Example 05 : Being a frequent traveler, Jessy's pet peeve is delayed trains that make her restless.
Example 06 : Amy's pet peeve is driving to work as she can no longer deal with the road traffic.
Example 07 : Ryan's pet peeve is working while eating, but has no option due to extreme work pressure.
Example 08 : Kevin has a pet peeve of waking up early after a late night out.
Example 09 : Listening to extremely loud music is Mrs. Anderson's pet peeve, as she eventually gets a headache.