10 WORK Expressions in English

source: EnglishTeacherEmma        2013年9月2日

1. (too much work) "I'm overworked. There's no staff. It's all me. I work, work, work. I'm overworked." I hope none of you are "underpaid", meaning you're not getting enough money.
2. (unpleasant work) "Dirty work"--For example, you work at a company, and someone wants you to "fire" a co-worker. Instead of them saying "You can't work here now", they will tell you to fire this person. So it's a job no one wants to do.
3.(getting angry / emotional) "get worked up"means you get very, very angry or very upset. It means you get very emotional. For example, it's the night before your big test, and you haven't studied, and you're very stressed out, and you start to cry, and you say, "I'm not going to pass this test. My life is ruined. I'll never get into a university. Everything's horrible." That's you getting worked up, okay?
4. "work out": a) exercise; b) find a solution
5. "work on": do work (on a project, etc. that you haven't finished)
6. work up an appetite: become very hungry
7. workaholic (a person who works all the time)
8. Work it! (encouraging someone to do something with confidence)
9. to work someone in (to get someone an appointment)
10. to work something out (to make an arrangement)