6 Heart expressions in English which are not romantic

source: Learn English with Let's Talk        2015年10月14日
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1) In a heart beat - Something that you do immediately without thinking much.
Example - If I get a good offer I will quit this job in a heartbeat.

2) Heart of Stone - Someone who is stern and cruel in nature.
Example - The man who ran over that dog has a heart of stone.

3) Pour one's heart out - to share your secret feelings and worries, usually because you feel a strong need to talk about the same.
Example - I just met her for the first time and she poured her heart out to me.

4) From the bottom of one's heart - With sincere feeling.
Example - We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your help during our stay.

5) Heart skips/misses a beat - When someone is suddenly surprised,excited or frightened
Example - When the lion appeared in front of us, my heart skipped a beat

6) Young at heart - To have youthful outlook, especially in spite of one's age.
Example - My grandfather is very young at heart.