Sex Slang: Paying for it!

source: Learn English with Ronnie!      2015年10月12日


Hello, I'm here to warn you that Ronnie is bad. She's trying to teach you slang words that people use in real life, and maybe you're going to get offended by it. So if you're offended, turn it off. Do it now. You have two seconds.

I'm Ronnie, back at you, teaching you some more slang, teaching you some more "tings" that nobody teaches you. Are they scared to teach you? I don't know, but I'm not afraid to teach you anything.

Today we're going to be teaching... I'm going to be telling you about prostitutes. "What is a prostitute?" you may ask. Let me do this for you. 10 dollar. A prostitute is basically a woman or a man who sells their body for sex. They're also called "sex workers" or "escorts". These are all the same. It's just fancy names that people like to say for prostitutes.

What I'm here to teach you, though, is the slang. Why do you need to know the slang? Is it funny? Yes. Is it important for English? Is it impo...? Yes, because movies. Have you seen the movie Pretty Woman? Julia Roberts? In the movie Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts plays a hooker, she's a prostitute. Melanie Griffith, in a movie called Call Girl or Working Girl, plays a prostitute. And the man that likes hamsters a lot, Richard Gere, he plays a male prostitute in the movie American Gigolo. So, prostitution is all around us. It is not something that you can hide away from. It's not something that you can pretend doesn't happen, because it's out there and it's real, and I'm going to teach you some slang for it. Slang with Ronnie.

"Hookers". All of these words, here, are words in slang for a prostitute. All of these words, here, are for women prostitutes. We're going to go through the pronunciation because this is important. The first word is "hooker". Then we have "whore". Please notice the "w" is silent. We don't say: "w-w-whore"; we just say: "whore". "Ho", this is way too common, in my opinion, in a lot of gangster rap videos and gangster rap songs. They're always talking about hoes and bitches, please. More common, because it's more, I guess, old fashioned is if somebody is a "lady of the night". She's not a vampire. She's a hooker. You're a prostitute. "Call girl", I think this was the name of the movie with Melanie Griffith, but it was Working Girl, you call the girl who is an escort, and she will come wherever you are, and have sex with you and you give her money. Perfect. "Working Girl" was the name of the movie by... Or with Melanie Griffith. We also call prostitutes "street walkers", because they literally walk the street, looking for money.

A "tart", not a strawberry tart, but a tart is also a prostitute. A "strumpet", what a good word. "Slag", "slag" we use also to say for someone who just has sex with many people. They don't necessarily get paid for it like a prostitute, but they have sex with lots of people. So, a slag, a slut, and a skank mean two things: they mean a prostitute or someone who just has sex with a lot of people for free. Should be getting paid for that, girl.

"Harlot" is a very old fashioned word, and I'm sure it would be in really old movies with Elizabeth Taylor. She was a harlot. Was she? Well, I don't know. One of my favourite words that I learned growing up, working in the trucking industry, was a "lot lizard". Hmm. A "lot lizard", this is cool. So, lot lizard is specifically a prostitute that works in parking lots. So a lot of men drive transport trucks from point A to point B. They get lonely on the road, and they sleep in truck stops. You will see this a lot in American TV, where there's truck stop, and they have a diner, and they're having lots of food and drinking coffee. Well, when you're sleeping in your truck late at night, [knocks], inevitably, there's going to be a knock at your window. [Knocks]. This is a lot lizard. A lot lizard is a prostitute that works specifically at truck stops. Sometimes you'll see a truck or transport truck that has a sticker with a lizard crossed out. That means he doesn't want lot lizards or prostitutes knocking on his truck.