Advanced Vocabulary Course: lesson 3

source: MrSkypelessons       2015年10月8日
This advanced vocabulary course is designed to work in tandem with episodes on the US version of Sherlock called 'Elementary', and exercises on my website. You can find more grammar and vocabulary questions here:
I advise students to do the following: read the exercises, check any unknown vocabulary, watch the show, answer the questions, and then retell it using the target vocabulary and grammar. The retelling is necessary to activate new phrases in an easy to remember context. Please repeat the vocabulary using this video and the questions which accompany the video. Please subscribe for the whole course. Lessons will be released on a weekly basis. And please answer the following questions:

Is alcohol or drug abuse a problem where you live?
Do you think it is fair to offer a criminal immunity from prosecution?
Have you noticed any discrepancies in the plot of this show? Which ones?
Do you think there is a correlation between crime and poverty?
What's the best way to come to terms with grief?
Who or what impedes you at work?
Do you feel sleep deprived? What's the cause?
If your partner had an affair, would you be able to reconcile with him/her?

1) He admitted (to) seeing his mistress. (confessed to)
2) He offered to give him immunity from prosecution if he gave him information.
3) Holmes accused him of lying and impeding the investigation
4) Holmes suggested digging through the old case files.
5) Watson warned (advised) him to eat and sleep or else he may relapse.
6) He refused to set her free before he saw Adam.