Talking about the latest iPhone launch.

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2015年10月8日
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Gadgets- stands for new piece of technology ; it could be a new smartphone, laptop or tablet .
So , you could start the conversation by saying .. " Hey , are you into new gadgets ? I am asking because the new iPhone has been launched !"

Endure - means to put up with .
So you can say , "A lot of people had to endure sleepless nights to buy this new iPhone as they had to wait in queues all night long ."

Claiming - means to promise .
Ex: "Apple is claiming that this new iPhone is one of the finest phones they have created."

Screen - means the display of the phone
So, you can discuss the screen by saying ," Apple is claiming that the iPhone 6s has the strongest screen ."

Feature - means the ability of the phone to do something
Ex: " the iPhone 6s has many cool features like the 3D touch feature ."

Surpass - means to go beyond something or some expectations
You can use surpass by saying ,"This new iPhone is expected to surpass the previous iPhones."

Fly off the shelves - means to get sold very fast .
Ex: " This new iPhone 6s is flying off the shelves as everyone wants to have one."

Anticipated - means sought after / looking forward to something
Ex: " The new iPhone 6s is the most anticipated phone of the this year ."