How to ask for a permission or approval in English

source: Learn English with Let's Talk        2015年10月18日
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1. What do you think about me ( doing something)...?
Quite an informal way of asking for permission.
Example - What do you think about me starting this new venture?

2. Would you approve of .....?
This phrase is hypothetical hence can be considered to be polite.
Example - Would you approve of me marrying this guy?

3. Do you think I could + verb
Example - Do you thing I could borrow your car?

4. Would it possible for me + infinitive
This phrase can be used when you are uncertain about the other persons reaction.
Example - Would it be possible for me to use your father's car for few days?

5. Would you mind if I + verb in past
Example - Would you mind if I stayed for few days in your new house?

Expressions to give / grant permissions
1. Sure, no problem
2. Go right ahead
3. Please feel free to ....

Expressions to refuse / deny
1. I'm afraid that's not possible.
2. Unfortunately I need to say no
3. I'm afraid I would prefer if you don't do so.