source: MrSkypelessons     2014年10月29日
This is a lesson which I have made for my students who are preparing for the CAE exam. These collocations are all adverb collocations, and will be useful for the Use of English and Writing parts.
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Highly - probable, (un)likely, successful, competitive, recommended, effective, controversial
Utterly/Absolutely - ridiculous, impossible, wrong, disgusting, devastating, pointless, appalled, worthless, senseless, hopeless
unbelievably / ridiculously / incredibly - cheap, expensive, big, small, long, short, early, late
bitterly - disappointed, resent, regret, complain, cry, weep
deeply - ashamed, concerned, moved, shocked, touched, affected, hurt, regret
strongly - oppose, influence, believe, deny, recommend, condemn, argue, object, support, suggest, correlate