English Conversation - 925 English Lesson 2: How to Start a Conversation

source: Business English Pod    2016年2月14日
Learn how to start a conversation in English in this 925 English lesson. Download the free Business English conversation video lesson here: https://www.businessenglishpod.com/20...

Sometimes we call starting an English conversation “breaking the ice.” You can think of the “ice” as that initial silence between people. It could be between strangers on a plane or coworkers in a lunch room. And when we “break” the ice, we say something friendly to start a conversation. So how do you do that? What do you say? And what topics are best?

Well, in our first lesson (https://youtu.be/sjNqtucNAys) we had an example of a greeting between work colleagues who didn’t know each other. Can you remember how they got their conversation started after the greeting? What did they say? Let’s have another listen to that short English dialog, and you can listen for the English conversation starter.