Talking about girls you like and dislike

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2015年1月12日
# Describing types of girls you like: 
"I like a girl with a lot of curves."
"I like all girls with a great body."
"I like skinny girls."
"I like a girl with smooth skin."
"Since I'm pretty tall, I want a tall skinny girl."
"I like a girl who likes to have fun."
"I like girls who are smart. I can't stand airheads."
"I like all pretty girls."
"It's important that the girl is smart and intelligent."
"A good and fun personality is the most important trait I look for in a girl."
"I want to meet a Blonde girl. "I like athletic girls because I like to play sports."

Describing types of girls you don't like:
"I can't stand girls with attitude."
"I hate stuck up girls."
"The worst kind of girls are high maintenance girls."
"Stay away from nagging girls. You'll want to kill yourself after a month with them."
"I don't like weak girls who can't take care of themselves."
"You might think rich girls are a blessing, but they constantly nag at you to make more money."
"I don't like skinny girls who are like toothpicks. It's just gross."