Vocabulary CAUSE and EFFECT (Lesson 26)

source: MrSkypelessons     2016年4月23日
An English vocabulary lesson on the theme of CAUSE and EFFECT. For upper intermediate and advanced learners. https://www.skype-lessons.com/vocabul...

# Answer the following questions:
What do you think were the root causes of World War Two?
In which parts of the world is violence breaking out?
Do you have high unemployment in your area? What do you put it down to?
Which recent devices and gadgets have already been rendered obsolete?
What sort of issues or policies breed resentment among your countrymen?
Do you think global warming spells disaster for the population? Or do you have compelling reasons to believe otherwise?
Which events precipitated World War One?
Which events sparked off the migrant crisis?
What have been the (unintended?) consequences of quantitative easing? Do you think this policy has wreaked havoc on the economy?

Cause - trouble, problems, damage, pain, a disaster, war, sadness, sickness
Give s.o - pleasure, happiness, a reason, a motive, a problem
Produce - a report, document, results, evidence
Generate - profit, money, income, complaints, controversy, excitement, enthusiasm, interest

Thanks to
Owing to
due to
as a result of
as a consequence of

lead to
result in
bring about
spark off
fire, hostilities, war, disease: breaks out
to come down to
to put down to
to stem from
to be rooted in

Establish the root cause
The desired effect
A knock on effect
A side effect
a compelling reason
mitigating/ extenuating circumstances
dire consequences

to provoke an outcry
to breed resentment
to plant doubt
to prompt speculation
to render obsolete
to wreak havoc
to spell disaster