Action Verbs with Hand Movements

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2016年6月23日
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Wave –
When you move your hand or hands to either say hi, bye or just to attract someone's attention you tend to wave.
Example - I waved at him in the traffic today.

Stroke / Pet –
Using long hand movements in a loving way is stroking or petting. ( you pet animal fur)
Example - She stroked the puppy.

Tickle –
When you lightly touch someone to make someone laugh or prod someone that cause discomfort is tickling.
Example - I tickled him under the chin.

Pat –
Touch someone lightly with an open hand.
Example - I gently pat the baby while he was sleepy.

Slap –
When you use your open hand to hit someone.
Example - I slapped the mosquito.

Punch –
When you use your close hand (fist) to hit someone or something. You also punch to show victory.
Example - John punched James face this morning.

Scratch –
When you are itchy you use your finger nails or finger tips to scratch.
Example - She scratched the insect bite.

Grab –
Using your hand to pick something quickly.
Example - I grabbed a sandwich on my way back home.

Snap / Click –
Making a sound with your finger by rubbing your index finger against your thumb.
Example - I don't like the sound of snapping.

Fiddle –
To constantly touch something unconsciously without any particular reason.
Example - She fiddled with her hair throughout the meeting this morning.