How to correct someone politely? Polite English Phrases

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2016年6月29日
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A. Fairly polite - Phrases 1 and 2 are fairly polite. If you really want to be polite you could use these phrases:
1. I'm afraid that's not quite right.
Example: If your friend is speaking in wrong English you can tell him/her “I’m afraid that’s not quite right.”
2. Actually, I think you'll find that...
Situation: Actually, I think if you’ll look up in a grammar book, you’ll find that “is” is used for a singular.

B. Less polite and stronger- Phrases 3 and 4 are a little stronger and a little less polite.
3. I'm afraid you're mistaken. – This phrase can be used when somebody is sharing wrong information.
Example: A overhears B telling C that Steve Jobs is the founder of Microsoft then A can correct B saying “I’m afraid you’re mistaken but Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft.
4. I don't think you're right about –
Example: If your sister says that a McDonald's burger costs 2 $ you can reply to her saying “I don’t think you’re right about it, instead it costs 4 $ ”.

C. Blunt and very strong: You may upset the person you are talking to so you should be really sure about your own facts before you say one of these. (You should be 100% sure about what you’re saying)
5. No, you've got it wrong.
Example: If your daughter gets you a math problem that she has solved wrongly, you can reply to her saying “No, you’ve got it wrong”.
6. If you check your facts, you'll find...
Example: If you check your facts you’ll find that China is the most populated country in the world. (Over a general knowledge question)

D. Kindly refrain from using these
7. Rubbish! / You're talking rubbish. – Extremely RUDE