Discussing Exam Results In English

source: Twominute English      2014年1月20日
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0:09 Hello dear viewer! Great to see you here.
0:12 One of the hardest times for us is when our results come out. Don’t you agree?
0:16 The anticipation, the waiting, finally when we see the score… It is a tiring period.
0:24 Whether they are good or bad, you feel better if you talk about it with someone.
0:29 This lesson will show you conversations that show how to discuss your results.
0:34 We’re sure you will relate them to your experiences.
0:40 After listening to the conversations, check out the vocabulary section at the end.
0:45 Feel free to practice the lines by pausing the lesson and repeating the dialog anywhere you want!
0:51 Shall we get started now?
1:00 Hey Knuckle, you look really happy! What’s up?
1:04 Yup. I’m very happy! I got admission in the university.
1:08 You’re going to college?
1:10 You bet! I finally cracked it!
1:12 That’s great! Best of luck Knucks.
1:21 Yo man! I can’t believe you topped the class.
1:25 Me neither. I didn’t expect to come out first.
1:29 You’re smart buddy! You always get straight A’s.
1:33 Thanks. I guess it’s just a gift.
1:36 Sure is… Such a pity I didn’t get that gift.
1:40 Buddy, I think you’re pretty smart too. You just need to focus more on books and less on girls.
1:54 Why do you look so sad Rose?
1:57 Well, my result is out and I’m not happy with it.
2:01 How much did you score?
2:03 I got a C.
2:05 Well… It’s not a D you know.
2:08 C is terrible. I expected a B at least.
2:12 It’s alright girl! Just try harder next time.
2:21 Man, my parents are gonna kill me for this.
2:24 I don’t think so bro. You’re their only son.
2:27 Yeah! But I don’t think they want a son who fails his class.
2:31 That’s what’s bad about education. It puts too much pressure on you.
2:36 I know. I can feel it.
2:38 Good luck with your folks man. I gotta go now.
2:41 Yeah… Give me a call later.
2:43 Okay chief.
2:54 When somebody aces a test, he passes it with very good marks.
3:02 Flunking is failing a test! When you flunk a test, you’ve failed to pass.
3:12 When you’ve cracked a test, it means you’ve passed it.
3:21 When somebody scores straight A’s, it means this person is a good student and regularly gets an A in all the subjects.
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