English Suffixes | Learn English Vocabulary

source: Crown Academy of English     2014年11月2日
A suffix is a specific group of letters at the end of a word. It often indicates part of the meaning of the whole word. Knowing the most common suffixes will help you increase your English vocabulary.
There are 2 types of English suffix:
1) Inflectional suffixes are grammatical suffixes. They change the form of a word (example making a plural from a singular) but the basic meaning of the word does not change.
2) Derivational suffixes transform a word from one type of word (part of speech) to another, example from a verb to a noun. Derivational suffixes change the basic meaning of the word. I show you the most common ones in this video.

I advise you to use a good dictionary to check the meaning of all new vocabulary and to see the full list of all the English suffixes.
The accent in this video lesson is a British English accent.
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