Buying Insurance

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Buying insurance is not at all an easy task! It involves a lot of research and decision making. You need to talk to a lot of people before you decide what to buy. There are several different types of insurance, but let's take a look at some sample conversations that you can use to talk about insurance.

0:12 Hello dear viewer! How are you?
0:14 We all buy insurance to keep us covered in critical situations and to protect our possessions.
0:20 This lesson has some conversations that show you how to communicate when you need to buy insurance.
0:26 To kick up your vocabulary, have a look at the vocabulary section at the end.
0:31 Shall we get started?
0:39 Where did you get your auto insurance?
0:42 I always prefer going to CTY Solutions. They’ve got some of the best insurance plans.
0:50 How long have you been working with this firm?
0:52 It’s been a while. Maybe 3 years or so.
0:56 I’m actually thinking about changing my auto insurance provider.
1:00 You can always get in touch with my agent.
1:03 And he’ll guide you, suggesting good alternative insurance plans that will suit your need and your requirements.
1:19 Does your company provide auto insurance?
1:22 It does! In fact, our company is known to provide some of the best auto insurance policies in the market.
1:28 What options do I have, with a 2007 model Camry?
1:33 Well, you’ll have a choice of deductibles, from $100 to $1000.
1:36 And you can pay the premium monthly, semiannually or annually.
1:41 What all will be included in the policy?
1:44 The policy has the details of what is covered that you should read before signing the detail.
1:49 However if you are concerned about claims, then let me tell you that our company has a policy of providing easy claim service.
1:56 So that means if I get in an accident, it’ll be easy for me to make a claim and get paid.
2:03 That’s absolutely right!
2:11 Where should I look for a good insurance company?
2:16 What do you need insurance for?
2:18 I’m thinking about renewing my car insurance, but I’m really not satisfied with my current policy.
2:25 Well, you can always look on the internet for A-list insurance companies in your vicinity.
2:30 That is one thing I can do. And thanks!
2:35 Don’t forget to look for customer reviews on particular companies as well.
2:39 You can also ask your friends which companies they use.
2:48 Hey, is there any way I can get in touch with some good insurance agents in town?
2:54 Sure! Do you have any particular companies in mind?
2:58 No. I’m kind of new here, so not sure about any of them.
3:02 You can look at online business directories for insurance agents in your town or vicinity.
3:08 Is there any other option?
3:10 I think that’s the easiest way to do it.
3:13 Within a few seconds you’ll get all the contact details of an insurance agent operating in your town.
3:20 I’m not good with computers. Would you help me with it?
3:24 Sure. Let me help you find some of them.
3:36 An insurance plan means the details of what’s covered and when it’s covered.
3:40 A company may have several plans for you to choose from.
3:47 An agent is a person who is employed by an insurance company to sell their insurance.
3:52 You may speak to an agent to get your questions about their plans answered.
4:01 Alternatives isn’t an insurance term but it's used in lots of situations to mean choices or options.
4:08 In insurance, you have alternatives in which companies to buy from, how often you pay the premium, and what kind of coverage you can buy.
4:21 The deductible is the amount of your loss that you must pay yourself before the insurance company will pay anything.
4:28 If you choose a lower deductible, your premiums will be higher, and if you choose a higher deductible, your premiums will be lower.
4:41 The amount the insurance will cost.
4:43 It may be given as an annual or monthly amount. You pay the premium to the insurance company.
4:54 Semiannually means twice a year.
4:58 You may want to pay your premium twice a year instead of monthly or only once a year.
5:08 The insurance policy is a legal document that gives all the details of what's covered and what's not.
5:15 You should read your insurance policy very carefully.
5:22 The claim is what lets the insurance company know that you’ve had a loss.
5:27 You make a claim to the insurance company when you’ve had a loss that is covered by the policy.
5:38 Vicinity means near, or in the surroundings. If you’re near a town, you’re in the vicinity of it.
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