Shopping for Clothes

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2016年8月13日
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Shopping center/mall: is a large building full of different shops and brands.
Boutique: is a small shop and is usually expensive because they are designer labelled clothes
Chain store: is a retail store that has that have different branches. Example: Zara
Factory outlet: Clothes directly come from the factory and are not very expensive. They are mostly on a trial basis.
Department store: is a large huge store where you get a lot of things, like grocery, clothes, accessories, kitchen utensils etc.

# Questions you would ask a sales person:
--I’m looking for a blue shirt: Use this expression when you are searching for something specific and you are not able to find it.
--Do you have this in medium size: If you need a different size, ask the sales person for the particular size you want
--Can you tell me where the trial room is?: A trial room is also known as a changing room/fitting room/dressing room. If you want to try the garment, ask the sales person to direct you to the trial room.
--Do you have alteration services: If it doesn’t fit perfectly, you can ask if they could alter it for a better fit.
--How much is the shirt for? Is it on sale? : Now that you liked the shirt, you would want to know its price. You can ask if it is on sale.
--Will you be having a sale soon?: Ask this question if you would like to wait for the sale to take place

When will you start selling your new collection: There are different collections like summer collection, winter collection etc. So when you look forward to the next collection, ask this question.