New Year's Day

source: Twominute English    2014年2月24日
People celebrate and welcome the coming year with great joy. Everyone wishes their family and friends and even strangers a Happy New Year. Many people get together to party.
You can talk to your friends and family about the new year and wish them a happy New Year. But what are the English words and phrases that you'll use? Don't worry; we are here to help!
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0:15 Hello! Good to see you, dear viewer.
0:18 New Year’s Day is something we all get excited about.
0:21 A new year with new resolutions gets us motivated.
0:25 We share the occasion with our near and dear ones and celebrate it with happiness.
0:30 So let’s listen to some conversations about New Year’s Day.
0:35 Don’t forget to practice the lines by pausing the lesson and repeating the dialog anywhere you want!
0:42 It will help you build up your English fluency.
0:44 Also check out the vocabulary section at the end to increase your vocabulary.
0:50 So let’s get started!!
0:59 Hey Patrick. How you doing?
1:01 I’m fine Katy. What about you?
1:04 I’m great. So what are you doing for the New Year’s Eve?
1:08 Nothing, I just plan to sit at home and watch movies. And you?
1:12 I don’t have any plans yet.
1:14 You know what? Why don’t we call over some friends and celebrate at my place?
1:18 Wow! That’s a great idea. I’m sure everyone would love to come to that.
1:22 Yeah. But they might already have other plans.
1:25 Let’s call them as soon as possible.
1:28 You call all your friends and I’ll call mine.
1:31 Okay. I’ll call you back then.
1:33 Okay. Bye. Talk to you later.
1:42 Hi Sarah! Happy New Year to you!
1:45 Hey, Darleen. The same to you and your family.
1:48 Thanks! So, what are you doing later today? Any plans for the first day of the year?
1:54 Haven’t really planned anything. We celebrated last night and had so much fun!
1:58 Really? What did you do?
2:01 My husband and I invited our families over and we ate, drank and danced till midnight.
2:06 Wow. That’s nice! We’re thinking of celebrating today.
2:10 Oh yeah? What are your plans?
2:12 I think we’ll pack some food and have a picnic at Central Park.
2:17 Great idea! Enjoy. Take care.
2:21 You too. Take care!
2:29 Hey Ed! What’s up?
2:30 Nothing much. I was just thinking about my New Year’s resolution.
2:34 Oh cool! What’s your resolution?
2:36 I want to study hard and become a better student and help my parents out more.
2:40 Wow! That’s nice.
2:42 So, do you have any New year's resolutions?
2:44 No, I haven’t made any for sure yet but I may start going for a walk every morning to lose some weight.
2:52T hat’s a great start. I’m sure you’ll succeed, and you’ll enjoy the walk, too.
2:57 And if you study hard enough, maybe you’ll become the next Einstein!
3:02 Yeah, right. Thanks. I just hope this year goes well too.
3:05 It will. If we both work hard and don’t give up, we can get what we want.
3:13 That’s true. Thanks!
3:21 Hey, where did you celebrate your new year’s eve?
3:23 I went to Times Square in New York. Where did you go?
3:26 Really? I was there too. I never saw you.
3:29 Oh. It was so crowded I almost lost my friends there.
3:33 Yeah true. But it was awesome, right? Ryan Secrest was there and then Coldplay came to play.
3:39 Yeah. It was really great!
3:41 I know. I’m definitely going there again next year.
3:44 Hey, we should go together!
3:46 That’d be awesome!
3:47 Okay. Let’s do it!
3:58 The last day of the year, that is, December 31st, the day before the new year starts.
4:04 People usually celebrate the beginning of the new year.
4:12 A picnic is when we pack food and eat it outdoors to enjoy with friends and family,
4:17 usually in a park or somewhere away from home.
4:26 A New Year resolution is a decision to make a change for the coming year,
4:31 something that you want to do to improve your life.
4:40 To become a better student is to perform well in academics and get better grades.
4:46 It could also mean to just try harder, and to behave well at school.
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