The difference between bring and take

source: Crown Academy of English     2014年4月28日
We use "bring" and "take" to describe carrying and/or transporting an object or person from one place (the source) to another place (the destination)
If the speaker is at the destination, and the movement of the object is towards him, then we use "bring". For example "Please bring me the bill."
We can also use "bring" if the listener and speaker will both be at the destination in the future. This is because the speaker is focusing on the listener and the destination. Example "I will bring the photographs to the restaurant tomorrow."
We use "take" if the destination is in a different place to the speaker and the listener will not be present at the destination. Example: "I will take these boxes to the lorry."
Other examples are also discussed in the video and there are some exercises at the end of this English grammar lesson to test your understanding.
The accent is a British English accent.
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