Speaking English At the School

source: Twominute English     2014年2月19日
Going to school is one of the most memorable experiences of one's life. But it can be a difficult experience when your English isn't as fluent as everyone else's, and students may go through a lot of hardship because of that. Let's take a look at some sample conversations that you can use to communicate with your teachers and schoolmates.
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0:12 Hi there! How are you?
0:14 In school, we talk about a lot of things with our classmates.
0:18 We share our things, tell stories and have a lot of fun.
0:22 If we want to make a lot of friends at school, we need to communicate with them.
0:26 and if we want to learn as much as possible we need to communicate with out teachers.
0:30 Today’s lesson will show you a variety of conversations about school life.
0:36 Practice the dialog by pausing the lesson and repeating the lines anywhere you want!
0:41 It will help to build up your English fluency.
0:44 Also, remember to check out the vocabulary section at the end.
0:48 Shall we get started?
0:56 Hey, do you have an extra pen I could borrow?
0:58 I can lend you one for this class but I’ll need it back when class is over.
1:02 That’d be good. I forgot to bring my pencil box today.
1:06 Not a problem. Here it is!
1:08 Thanks. I’ll return it as soon as the class is over.
1:17 Where’s your homework assignment, Nate?
1:20 I couldn't complete my assignment.
1:22 And why was that?
1:24 We had some guests over last night. So, I couldn't work at all!
1:28 Alright. You’ve got three hours after school.
1:32 Complete and return last night’s homework assignment before the day ends and you’ll get your grade.
1:38 Thank you so much!
1:46 How good are you in math?
1:47 Well, I know 2 plus 2 is not 5.
1:51 Alright. I get it! You and I are in the same boat.
1:54 Yup. But, why did you ask?
1:58 I was looking for someone to help me study. The syllabus seems pretty long.
2:03 Yes it is! We could ask our teacher to give us some extra lessons after school.
2:07 Will she be okay with that?
2:09 Don’t know. But teachers always say that we can ask for help anytime. We can test her!
2:15 Dude. Help means one or two days, not every day for the entire syllabus.
2:20 Well, okay. Let’s see how much help she’ll give us for the midterms.
2:31 What have you packed for tomorrow’s field trip?
2:34 Well, I’ve followed the checklist given by the instructor.
2:38 I didn’t get any checklist. Can I borrow yours?
2:42 You would have gotten it, if you were mentally present when they gave it.
2:45 Well, you can have my list now. I’m already done with my packing.
2:49 Alright. Thanks a lot! I’m really looking forward to this field trip!
3:02 When you borrow something, you use something that belongs to someone else and then return it.
3:08 The person who receives something from someone else is borrowing it.
3:16 When you lend something to someone, you give it to them to use, expecting them to return it.
3:21 The person who gives something to someone else and expects to get it back is lending it.
3:31 Homework is the extra work we receive from school that we must do at home and return to class.
3:41 In the same boat is an idiom. It means that someone else is in the same situation as you.
3:47 If you are in the same situation as me, then we are in the same boat.
3:56 A test given in the middle of the course to test what’s been learned so far.
4:04 The syllabus is an outline and summary of topics to be covered in a course.
4:13 An educational class trip to somewhere away from the school.
4:16 It could be to anywhere, like the zoo, a factory, or maybe the theater. It could be for a few hours, or a few days.
4:29 A checklist is a list of things to remember or to do.
4:36 Listening or paying attention to something is called being mentally present.
4:43 Thank you for watching this lesson.
4:45 We’ll be back with a new one tomorrow.
4:46 Do come back and check it out!
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