The verb GET | Phrasal verbs with GET | English lesson

source: Crown Academy of English    2014年11月17日
- in several phrasal verbs. - (Phrasal verbs are verbs made up of a verb and usually a preposition or adverb particle to form a phrase or expression that has different meaning from the original verb.)
- in several idioms (expressions) that are difficult to translate literally.
The form of the verb "get" is regular for the present simple. The ing form is "getting". The past form is "got" and the past participle is also "got" in British English and "gotten" in American English.

At the end of this English lesson, there is an exercise to test your understanding of the verb "get" as a main verb and as a phrasal verb. Please write your answers to the exercise in the comments below the video.
The accent in this video lesson is a British English accent.
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