Difference between 'Still better', 'Better still' & 'Better yet'

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2013年12月16日
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In this lesson, Ceema explains the difference between 'still better', 'better still' and 'better yet'. These three expressions may sound similar but can't be used interchangeably.

1. Still better: is used when something was better before and continues to be better even now. The word 'still' is used to express continuity of something or someone being better over a period of time.
Example: John is not as good as he used to be in playing chess, but still better than William.
It is also used to say that something is better even though it has certain bad points.
Example: The pasta is dry, but it's still better than the one we had at the party last night.

2. Better still: is used when someone makes a good suggestion, but you have an even better one
Example: You can send them your resume or better still, try contacting the manager directly.

3. Better yet: is used to offer a better suggestion to replace a bad idea
Example: If I am late I will call you and inform, better yet why don't you take responsibility and leave earlier next time.