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0:06 Now tell me, do you usually go dutch when you take someone out to dinner?
0:10 Now go dutch means to share the cost of something, for example a meal in a restaurant.
0:16 Well Alice, no, I usually expect my date to pay actually.
0:20 I hope you're joking, Neil.
0:22 But I wouldn’t be surprised!
0:24 Personally, I think it's a nice gesture to offer to pay for the meal when you're on a
0:28 date.
0:29 Yeah.
0:30 But it can depend on the situation – some people might be very offended if you offered
0:34 to pay for everything!
0:35 Well yes, true.
0:36 Clearly you're not going to offend those people, Neil, though are you?
0:39 And I won’t be going to dinner with you any time soon.
0:42 Well, I didn't ask so calm down, Alice!
0:46 Actually, money matters can cause relationship problems in couples – and that's the subject
0:51 of the show.
0:53 Here's today's quiz question based on a UK survey.
0:56 Ready, Alice?
0:57 I am indeed.
0:59 What percentage of married couples don't know exactly what their spouse earns?
1:06 Is it: a) 4%?
1:08 b) 14%?
1:10 Or c) 44% Well, gosh!
1:14 I think b) 14%.
1:17 Yes, that sounds about right to me.
1:20 Well, we'll find out if you're right or wrong later on.
1:23 Now, it seems important that couples are honest about their finances because it can have an
1:29 impact on their future financial options together.
1:33 Yes, that's right.
1:34 If you're buying a house together and then find out later that your spouse– your husband
1:39 or wife – is thousands of pounds in debt, then the chances are you won't be able to
1:43 get a mortgage.
1:45 To be in debt, by the way, means to owe money to someone.
1:49 Good point.
1:50 A mortgage is where a bank lends you money to buy a house.
1:54 Let's listen now to what Arabella Russell, a relationship therapist, has to say about
1:58 this.
2:01 The fact of the matter is it's very difficult – it can be very difficult – to talk about
2:04 money.
2:05 Often when we talk about money, it’s emotions very close to us – there's guilt, there's
2:08 shame.
2:09 What have we done in the past?
2:10 To start those conversations is complicated.
2:13 Money can be about how we value ourselves, how we feel valued.
2:16 It’s not just a simple case of talking about hard cash.
2:21 Arabella talks about 'hard cash'.
2:24 Now what does that mean?
2:25 Well, we say hard cash when we talk about physical money – the coins and banknotes
2:30 – as opposed to other types of payment.
2:33 And why do we find it so difficult to talk about cash, Alice?
2:37 Well, because we get emotional about it!
2:40 Arabella talks about feelings of guilt and shame.
2:43 And for many of us, money isn't simply money – it can be about how we value ourselves
2:48 or feel valued.
2:50 Right – so if I were to buy you a cheap engagement ring you would feel undervalued.
2:55 Nice example, Neil!
2:58 You can't be a cheapskate when it comes to engagement rings!
3:01 So how much would you spend on our engagement ring, Neil?
3:05 Well… um…
3:06 I didn't know we were getting married!
3:07 But if I was buying an engagement ring for you Alice, I think definitely I would spend
3:13 about… you know around... in the region of … mmm pounds…
3:17 Sorry, Neil, I didn't quite catch that.
3:21 Alright!
3:22 Are you calling me a cheapskate?
3:26 I certainly am, Neil.
3:28 Cheapskate means someone who doesn't like spending money, by the way.
3:32 Moving on – let's hear more from Arabella about how people have different attitudes
3:37 towards money.
3:39 Accept the fact that in your relationship you might do money differently – there might
3:42 be a spender there might be a saver.
3:44 It’s very tempting if your partner does things differently to say they're wrong.
3:48 They might do it differently because they see money differently.
3:51 Do it differently but have a budget.
3:53 Of course be honest about each other but recognise that you might just have a different view
3:56 of money.
3:58 Now that sounds like excellent advice to me!
4:01 I'm a saver, and I'm not ashamed to say it.
4:04 Why waste money on an expensive engagement ring?
4:07 Engagements don't always last.
4:09 You might drop the ring down the kitchen sink or…
4:12 How romantic, Neil! … it could be stolen or you might meet someone
4:14 else.
4:15 Indeed.
4:16 Now I know I shouldn't say you're wrong… but you're wrong!
4:21 You have to invest in a relationship if you want it to work.
4:25 Calm down.
4:26 I see money differently to you.
4:28 I’m a saver and you’re a spender, and that’s all there is to it.
4:32 And a budget means the money you have available for something and a plan for how to use it.
4:38 Well, we'll have to agree to differ.
4:41 And that means accept that we have different opinions on this one!
4:45 Can we have the answer to today's quiz question then, please?
4:48 Yes, we can.
4:49 I asked: What percentage of married couples don't know exactly what their spouse earns?
4:54 Is it: a) 4%?
4:56 b) 14%?
4:57 Or c) 44% And I said b) 14%.
5:03 And you are absolutely and completely… wrong!
5:10 The correct answer is 44%.
5:13 Now that's according to new research conducted by the UK credit report service, Noddle, who
5:19 also found that an astonishing 1.9 million married couples actively try to keep their
5:24 finances secret from their partners!
5:26 Gosh, what a lot of people!
5:29 Can we have today's words again then, Neil, please?
5:31 Yes, we can.
5:32 Here they are: go dutch
5:35 spouse to be in debt
5:39 mortgage hard cash
5:43 cheapskate budget
5:47 agree to differ.