Memories (Learn English via Listening Beginner Level | Lesson 111)

source: Daily English Conversation    2016年9月9日
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Somebody once asked me what the most valuable things that I owned were.
I thought about that for a long time.
Then I realized that most of the things that I had could be replaced.
What I would not be able to replace were the photographs that I had of my friends and
Photographs are memories that are captured on film.
Some of the photographs are of people who are no longer with us.
I would hate to lose them.
Memories are precious.
They are all we have sometimes to link us to days gone by.
I remember the good times.
I try to relive them in my mind sometimes.
I remember the sad times.
Some of the sad memories are painful, but they are all a part of my life, and I don't want
to lose any of my memories.
People come into our lives and people leave our lives, but most people leave a memory
for us.
I have lots of memories, and when I look at my photographs, the memories come
flooding back into my brain.
I remember what people were like when they were younger.
I remember vacations that I took.
I remember days that seemed ordinary at the time, but you never get to relive even the
ordinary days.
Memories are so precious.
Cherish your memories, and keep them in a place close to your heart.