4 skills to be a master presenter like Steve Jobs - Improve your Presentation Skills

source: Skillopedia - Skills for the real world    2015年12月31日
Steve Jobs, The co-founder of Apple, also known as the master presenter. Today, I am sharing Steve Job's presentation techniques because leaders and entrepreneurs today need to carry on his legacy. He didn't just focus on statistics and technology but also on his communication skills. So lets understand how he turned his presentations into an art form.

1) The very first thing that Job's believed in is Expressing Your Passion - Job's was very passionate about design and loved his new product. The first time the I Phone was showed, Steve job's with a very big smile on his face said "It looks doggone gorgeous". HE often used positive and enthusiastic adjectives such as cool, amazing, fantastic because he believed in it. Your audience is giving you permission to show enthusiasm. If you are not excited or enthusiastic about your idea or your presentation how do you expect others to be wowed by your presentation. Next time you are crafting or delivering your presentation be enthusiastic towards it so that your audience listens to you and is not put to sleep.

2) Know your story well - You should know your content so well that you are able to give your presentation without the visuals. It is said that Steve jobs meticulously prepared and scripted his presentation. He didn't believe in being spontaneous . Regardless of his style of presenting he made sure to be well prepared with content.

3) Don't sweat the small stuff - Despite being well prepared for the presentation, we human beings end up making silly errors. In one of the presentations Jobs's was suppose to show some photographs to his audience from a live website and the screen went blank while Jobs waited for the images to appear. But he just smiled and said I guess the photos are not showing up today and recapped the features he had just introduced.
It's no big deal to make errors instead have fun and ignore rather than giving too much of attention to it.

4) Rehearse Rehearse and Rehearse - Steve jobs could not pull off an intricate presentation with video clips, demonstrations and outside speakers without hours of practice. Many people who have worked with him in the past have mentioned that he would lock himself in a room and rehearse for many hours aloud. Therefore his words were perfectly synchronized with the images and the text on the slides. A Steve jobs presentation looks effortless because it is well rehearsed.