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source: To Fluency    2017年1月16日
Wish vs Hope: In this English lesson, I'm going to explain the difference between wish and hope and give you lots of real examples so that you can better understand how to use these two words.

# Here are all the examples that I used in this lesson.
0:01 I wish I had some shades
0:57 We hope that it stays in condition for many years to come
1:21 I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow
1:25 He hopes a lot of people will go to his party
1:36 I wish it weren’t so bright right now
2:02 I wish the radio worked
2:14 I wish this car went a little faster
3:04 I wish I had planted different types of apple trees.
3:32 I hope we get a lot again next year.
4:01 I wish I had got this earlier
4:11 I hope it hasn’t been too annoying
4:24 I hope it stays this way
4:27 I hope it doesn’t rain
4:38 I just wish that more people watched my videos
4:48 I really hope you do so.

# We use HOPE when we're talking about desired outcomes/results.
We use WISH when we want a change of circumstance. When we want something to be different.

Think of using hope with the 1st conditional. For example: I hope it doesn't rain, but if it does, then we'll just do something else.
Think of using wish with the 2nd conditional. For example: I wish I had more money. If I did, I would get that new car without thinking.
Think of using wish (in the past) with the 3rd conditional. For example: I wish I had planted different types of trees. If we had done that, we would have had a lot of different apples last summer.

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