Best ways to ask someone's name

source: Learn English with Let's Talk   2017年1月23日

Your full name- complete name-first, Middle and last name (surname/family -name)nickname-called by a different name other than you official name-victoria –vicky, Thomas-tom..nicknames can also be kept based on your personality or appearance-lefty..sugar
Maiden name –last name before marriage for a woman, after marriage some women choose to keep both names (maiden and married) and hyphenate their last name
Pseudonym-official name but different from your real name-kept for privacy reasons..writers have a pen name-stage actors/entertainers. Musicians-stage name
Alias-alternative name-used usually by criminals to deceive people
Named after-named after a certain person or in honor of that person
Didn’t catch your name-didn’t hear someone introducing their name-polite way of asking them to repeat it again
I’m terrible with names-have difficulty remembering names
Does the name ring a bill/mean anything to you-does a name sound familiar/do you recognize the name from somewhere
Protect their good name-preserving their good reputation
To give a bad name-to cause people to lose respect for a person or thing
Make a name for yourself-become well known for your work or activity
Household name-known by a lot of people
Call someone names-calling someone by a rude or offensive name to insult the fatty
Clear your name-proving yourself innocent after being suspected or accused of a crime
Drop names-emotions the name of important people that one is connected with to make oneself appear important
Don’t want to name names-don’t want to reveal names of people who are involved in something..especially something illegal
You name it-anything you want or can imagine