Food You Hate to Eat - Fun English Lesson

source: Twominute English    2013年3月8日
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0:07 Here are some phrases and words you can use to talk about food you hate
0:14 Hey Pearl. What are you doing?
0:17 Hey Katy. Nothing much. I’m just trying to make some beet salad.
0:21 Beet salad ? You gotta be kidding me!
0:24 I’m not. What’s wrong about that?
0:28 Eww.. I just hate beets.
0:31 Oh! I didn't know you had such a strong opinion about it.
0:34 But I do. I never liked it. I prefer to skip a meal rather than eating it.
0:40 Well, I’ll keep that in mind next time I invite you over for dinner!
0:49 Let’s order something Jamie. I’m really hungry.
0:53 So am I. Any suggestions?
0:56 I think a pizza would be fine. What do you say?
0:59 Yeah sure. It’s a great idea.
1:02 But make sure there won’t be any anchovies on it.
1:05 Why? Don't you like them? Or are you allergic or something?
1:10 I can’t even stand their smell! I’m fine with anything else you order. Just don’t include anchovies.
1:17 Gosh, they are disgusting.
1:20 Alright, alright!. I’ll ask for a Margherita. No anchovies on that.
1:25 Yeah, that'd be perfect!
1:32 Hey Jake. What’s up?
1:34 Not much.
1:36 Man, something smells bad in here. Didn't you notice it?
1:42, I did not.
1:46 Oh, it has to be this awful, smelly and moldy cheese you insist to eat.
1:52 Were you having it just now?
1:55 Ah, c’mon. Yes, I just had some salad with it. Bleu cheese goes well with many things
2:01 I love it. It just looks kindda ugly, that’s all!
2:06 Is that so?
2:08 Absolutely.
2:10 Well, I guess people are strange.
2:19 Honey, I think I’ll make a fruitcake for Christmas.
2:22 Oh, don’t take this the wrong way but please make something else.
2:28 You don’t like it?
2:30 My mom used to make it every year but I never even tasted it.
2:36 Oh, but that’s just food prejudice
2:39 Maybe. But how can I taste something that looks like it’s been around for centuries?!
2:45 Okay, okay. I’ll just make something else.
2:48 Thank you!
2:54 I just hate beets.
2:59 I never liked it.
3:03 I can’t even stand their smell!
3:08 Gosh, they are disgusting.
3:14 I prefer to skip a meal rather than eating it.
3:21 I never even tasted it.
3:26 It just looks kindda ugly, that's all.