Furniture & Household Item Idioms

source: EnglishAnyone    2011年9月13日
Here are some useful furniture and household item idioms from!

Armchair Critic
An armchair critic is someone who offers advice and suggestions, but doesn't actually do anything to prove they could do it better.
Stop telling me what to do! If you're so great, then stop being such an armchair critic and show me how it's done!

Under The Table
Getting paid under the table means that you get paid secretly. Many people pay or get paid under the table because they are doing something illegal or don't want to report taxes.
Because I work in a different country and don't have a visa, I need to work under the table.

Fresh From The Oven
Something fresh from the oven is very new.
My friends are always buying the latest fresh from the oven electronics!

Top Shelf
Something top shelf is usually of the best quality.
Top shelf whiskeys are very expensive.

Throw In The Towel
To throw in the towel means to give up or quit.
When the boxer could not stand anymore, he threw in the towel.

Sweep (Something) Under A Rug
To sweep something under a rug means to ignore it or hide it from others.
My cousin has been unemployed for two years and lives with his mom, but he usually sweeps that under a rug when meeting women.

Have A Full Plate
To have a full plate means that you're really busy.
I'd love to go to that party tonight but I've got such a full plate that it's just not possible.

The Wrong Side Of The Bed
To wake up on the wrong side of the bed means to start your day in a bad mood or with a bad feeling. People usually get up in the same way every day, on the same side of the bed, so when someone's day isn't going well, we figure that it's because they woke up on the wrong side.
I'm really tired and angry today for no real reason. I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.