How to Carve a Pumpkin for Halloween!

source: mmmEnglish    2015年10月29日
Listen to Emma explain how to carve out a pumpkin, learn and practice Halloween vocabulary and hear natural English.

This key vocabulary from the video will help you to follow and understand the video:
Dress up (v): To wear a costume or style of clothing.
Design (v): To create something.
Hollow out (v): To empty, to remove the interior of something.
Scoop out (v): To take out or hollow out with a scoop.
Jack-o-lantern (n): A hollowed out pumpkin with holes that make it look like a human face. Usually displayed at Halloween with a candle inside.
Carve (v): To cut something.
Stringy (adj): Consisting of or appearing like strings.
Guts (n) slang: The parts or pieces inside something.
Costume (n): special clothes worn at a particular time or place, usually for a celebration.