Animal Idioms and Expressions in English

source: Oxford Online English    2016年2月22日
In this lesson, you can learn about different animal expressions and idioms in English.
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Do you know what it means if someone describes something as 'fishy'? If someone tells you to 'hold your horses', what should you do? In this lesson, you can learn about a few of these animal idioms. By the end you will understand what they mean and be able to use them.

# English animal idioms included in this video:
Copycat = a person who copies another person
Let the cat out of the bag = reveal a secret by accident
Catnap = a short sleep
Like a fish out of water = someone uncomfortable in their surroundings
Fishy = suspicious
Plenty of fish in the sea = lots of other people to choose from
Pig out = eat a lot
When pigs fly = situation is impossible or unlikely
Hog something = to try to keep something all for yourself, so that no one else can use or have it
I could eat a horse = I could eat a lot
Straight from the horse’s mouth = straight from the source
Hold your horses = hold on, be patient