Slang Words Starting With H

source: EnglishAnyone     2012年4月14日
Just remember that slang is CASUAL English! Use slang with your friends and people you know well! Don't use slang with your boss, with the police if you get arrested or when meeting your girlfriend or boyfriend's parents for the first time!

The usual meaning of hack is to cut or chop at something without care. You can also hack something when you can deal with it. Someone who can't hack it in the Army usually drops out. With the dawn of computers, the term is most widely used now to talk about circumventing, modifying or breaking something like a computer or other machine for your own purposes. I hacked my toaster and turned it into a time machine!
Some computer hackers have the ability to break into networks and steal personal information.

A hottie is usually an attractive young woman or man. You can describe someone as hot if you find them physically attractive.
I hope I can get the phone number from that hottie over there.

A hater is someone who is usually jealous of the success of others. To say spiteful or mean things to someone, or about someone, who is successful is to hate, or hate on, someone. Don't be a hater!
Some people started hating on my friend when she got a record deal.

Happy Camper
A happy camper is someone who's in a good mood. Someone relaxing around a warm fire at a campground is usually a happy camper.
My son was NOT a happy camper when I missed his birthday party.

Hardcore means extremely difficult. Something requiring extreme physical effort is usually hardcore, but anything very difficult, like a school entrance exam, can be considered hardcore. Someone who is hardcore is considered to be very tough and strong.
My uncle is hardcore. He eats whole lionfish raw!

High Roller
A high roller is someone who is very wealthy and can spend money without care. We often say that high rollers have money to burn.
When a high roller walks into a casino, everyone comes over to watch him play.

Hard Case
A hard case is a bitter or tough person. A hard case has usually had a difficult life and may have even spent time in prison.
That guy's a real hard case. He's been picked on his whole life and now he wants revenge.

The head is another word for the toilet or bathroom. You will often hear hard cases and people from outside big cities in movies asking for the head when they need a toilet.
Where's the paper? I'm going to the head.

Home Run
A home run is a baseball term that means to hit the baseball beyond the playing field. It is the best hit you can have in baseball. Used in any context, a home run becomes another way of describing a great achievement. If you hit a home run, you succeed!
I hit a home run for my company when I signed a contract with a new client!

Hell of a... Helluva
"Hell of a" means great, very or extreme, and can be used in both good and bad situations. "We had a hell of a time climbing that mountain" means that we had a very difficult time climbing the mountain.
Tell your friends! They're having a hell of a sale at our favorite store!

Heat refers to security or police and is usually used by criminals or people doing something bad in movies and TV shows. Heat can also mean firearm. To "pack heat" means to carry a gun.
Hide the heat! The police are right over there!