BBC News Review: Brazil wins a gold medal in athletics

source: BBC Learning English     2016年8月16日
Brazil has won a gold medal in athletics in a shocking pole vault final. Join Sian and Neil in News Review as they bring you this exciting story and the language you need to understand it.
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The story

In Rio, the Brazilian pole vaulter, Thiago Braz da Silva has won the host country its first athletics gold medal of the games. In a thrilling final, he broke the Olympic record to defeat the world record holder Renaud Lavillenie of France.

Steve Backley - BBC commentator

The whole of Brazil will be egging this man Da Silva to go clear. A national record beckons 6.03 second attempt. He's got it! No way in your life have you ever seen drama such as this.

Note: Steve misses out the preposition on after egg here.

Key words and phrases

an upset
when someone beats the team or player that was expected to win

pull something off
to succeed in doing something that is difficult

egg somebody on
encourage someone or urge someone to do something (especially something they shouldn't do)

a situation in which there is a lot of noise or craziness because people are excited, angry, or frightened