Funny English Slang Words for Mistakes - with Niharika

source: Learn English with Let's Talk   2017年1月25日

Blooper - A clumsy and embarrassing mistake,especially one made in public.
Example - Dropping the phone in the sink in front of so many people in a public washroom was a big blooper.

Boo-Boo - A silly or stupid mistake
Example - I will fire you if you make another boo boo

Slip up - Careless error
Example - My friend slipped up by calling his girlfriend by his ex's name.

Boner - Foolish blunder
Example - My date was going well,but I spilled hot soup on her. I really bonered that date.

Screw up - To mess up something or to mess up a situation
Example - The chef screwed up the pizza.

Flub - To perform poorly or a thing badly done
Example - I totally flubbed my presentation at the conference yesterday.

Bungle- To work clumsily or a badly carried action
Example - The accounts department bungled the company's accounts.

Goof up - Careless mistake because of irresponsible behavior
Example - She goofed up the job.