BBC News Review: Major problem with world's oceans

source: BBC Learning English    2016年9月6日
A new report into the rising temperatures of the world's oceans has discovered that this problem is more serious than we originally thought.
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The story
A report compiled by 80 scientists from 12 countries says the global impact of ocean warming has been severely underestimated.
The study launched by the International Union for Conservation of Nature suggests that climate change is pushing plankton, jellyfish, turtles and seabirds into waters previously too cold to support them.
Dan Laffoley - BBC News
This warming has real consequences for us and our livelihoods. One of the things which is different with this report than anything we've done before is taking this comprehensive view.
One of the priorities should be actually to build on this report, to have a discussion around the evidence that we're showing and actually then to work to, to plan for the future with the information that we know we'll need to be able to cope when we see [a] progressive changes from a warming ocean.

# Key words and phrases
underestimated: (here) thought to be lower than it really is
livelihoods: ways of earning money in order to live
soaring: rising quickly
plummeting:falling quickly and suddenly
staggering: very shocking and surprising
bear the brunt of: suffer the worst part or effect of something bad or harmful