How to talk about Relationships in English?

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2017年3月25日
The following phrases will be useful for you when talking about relationships in English:

1) to have a thing for - meaning to like someone or have a soft corner for someone
Ex: Jane has always had a thing for her childhood friend Ashley

2)to have a crush on - to be romantically interested in someone or to be attracted to someone.
Ex- Jane has a secret crush on Charlie since high school.

3)To get serious - to formalise one' s relationship or think along the lines of marrying someone.
Ex- John has gotten really serious Myra and plans to marry her soon.

4) to pop the question - to propose for marriage
Ex- Sarah was very excited when her long-time boyfriend popped the question to her on the occasion of her birthday.

5) to cheat on - to have a romantic partner outside of your relationship or marriage
Mandy blew up her marriage by cheating on her husband with an older man.

6) to have an affair - to have a romantic relationship which is possibly physical -
Radha had a steamy affair with her boss Charles.

7) to dump someone - to end a relationship where ending it is your choice and your decision and your partner's Opinion doesn't matter.
Kahuna dumped her alcoholic boyfriend for a nice, stable businessman

8) to be soulmates - two people in a romantic relationship who you love each other deeply, are compatible and feel strongly connected to each other.
Binny and Raul have been soulmates ever since they met each other.