06 Phrases MEN should not say to WOMEN–Advanced English with Niharika

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2017年3月31日

1. Talking about their weight - Are you really going to eat all that? Do not target a woman's eating habits as these habits are directly related to their weight. Your girlfriend or wife or woman colleague is by definition as light as a feather. SO never speak about how fat or chubby or obese they are and also avoid the food topic altogether. Eating is pretty much an emotional business for women.

2. Before or After pregnancy remarks - Pregnancy is the best thing that happens to a woman so be careful about the comments that you pass. People tend to say "you look huge" or after the woman is back to work after her maternity leave people tend to say " Would you be able to handle your work now that you are a mom". Of course yes she just had a baby not a brain surgery and she is just as capable as before.

3. You remind me of my mother - Comparing her to your mother or any other woman is a big no no .Yes, you do adore your mom but doesn't mean you start comparing her with the women you meet in your life. Woman want their own independent identity so keep the comparing to yourself.

4. How old are you? - It is impolite to ask a woman's age. Women are very sensitive about their age. I isn't impolite if you follow it up with, "but you don't look a day over 20!" even if they look like an old raisin.

5.Is this your time of the month? - Talking about a woman's menstrual cycle is considered to be impolite. Even if it is you are not supposed to mention it. Your role is to pretend that the menstrual cycle has no effect on her tendency to burst into tears for no reason whatsoever.

6. Using Profanity - Using profanity is the worst thing you can do. Words like bitch, whore, slut mentioned by you with any kind of intent means you are pulling the pin out of a grenade. Also passing sexual remarks is not considered to be polite.