How to teach reading with phonics - 11/12 - Long U Sound

source: EnglishAnyone    2011年3月20日
The Sounds of English, a FREE, comprehensive series of 12 videos, teaches phonics and pronunciation to non-native and beginning native learners of English. Learn to spell, read and pronounce English like native speakers with these easy lessons. Great for self-study, or the whole family! Build confidence and get fluent faster!

Lesson 11 - Long U
Learn some letter combinations that make the Long U sound.
In This lesson, you'll learn some common spellings of the long U sound. Unlike the other long vowel sounds that say their own name, the long U sounds more like "oo", than "you." The long U sound can be made with ew, ue, ui and oo. Let's take a look at a few examples. (Repeat words)
Excellent work! In your final lesson, we'll review a few other combinations of letters and practice pronouncing some of the sounds they make. Don't forget to keep practicing!