5 uses of 'sleep' - The Princess and the Pea part 1

source: BBC Learning English    2016年11月10日
The English word sleep has many meanings and uses. In this session, we bring you BBC Learning English's own version of the classic fairy tale the Princess and the Pea - and we've found many different ways to use the word sleep in it.
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Hello, I'm Mariam. Today's story is a fairy tale about a young woman whose identity is put to the test using just a little green pea. Yep, this is the story of The Princess and the Pea.

Our story begins a long time ago – there's a handsome prince who desperately wants to marry a princess. He travels the world to find one and there are plenty available – but he loses sleep over how genuine they really are.

So there he is, back at home, in his castle, feeling lonely and worried about the situation. That night, there's a big storm – thunder, lightning and torrential rain but the prince sleeps through it. He doesn't hear someone knocking at the door. But his mother, the Queen, does and she goes to see who it is.

She opens the door and finds a young woman, soaking wet and wind-blown. "Who are you?" she asks. "I'm a princess and I need a place to sleep," the princess said. "Hmmm," the Queen thinks, "are you really?" She lets her in and then rushes up to one of the spare bedrooms – the castle can sleep hundreds so there are plenty to choose from! She takes all the covers and sheets off the bed and places just one green pea at the bottom. Then the Queen gets twenty mattresses and piles them up on top of the pea. The King gives her a hand because they are rather heavy. Despite all the noise, the prince is sleeping like a baby and has no idea what they're up to.

Strange! What is the Queen up to? Well, join me again in part two to find out. I'll see you then. Bye for now.