Asking Questions in English | Question Structure | Fix Your Grammar Mist...

source: mmmEnglish     2017年6月11日
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Asking Questions and giving answers are the basics of great English conversation - or conversation in any language!
But are you asking questions correctly, in English?
Many of my students can get their message across, even without the correct word order and intonation… But it makes for a bumpy, awkward conversation!
In this lesson, I'm going to help you improve the STRUCTURE of your questions, so they flow smoothly, clearly and automatically!
And you can start enjoying English conversations!

The good news is that English questions are fairly consistent and follow a clear structure. There are four main parts that you need to keep in mind.
1. Question word (who/what/where/when/how/why) - question phrase (how long, how often)
2. Auxiliary (or helping) verb (be/do/have … also modal auxiliary verbs = can/should/may/will)
3. Subject (I/you/we/they/he/she/it)
4. Main verb (eg: play, eat, buy etc)