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source: Learn English Lab    2017年8月20日
Improve your fluency with these 50 common sentences with the verb "Go".
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Full list of sentences: Go home 1. It's late. I need to go home. 2. You should go home and get some sleep.
Go back 3. It's starting to rain. Let's go back inside. 4. We'll be going back to Chicago next Friday.
Go swimming/shopping/skating/dancing etc. 5. We love to go swimming in the summer. 6. Would you like to go shopping with me?
Go near 7. I'm not going near the water. I can't swim! 8. She won't go near meat. She's a vegetarian.
Go outside 9. I'm going to go outside and get some fresh air. 10. It's nice and sunny today. Let's go outside!
Go faster/slower 11. Go faster or we'll miss our flight! 12. You're driving too fast. Go slower, please.

Go to school/work 13. I go to school by bus. 14. He goes to work at 9 a.m.
Go to bed/sleep 15. What time do you go to bed? 16. I like to read before I go to sleep.

Go abroad (Meaning: to go to a foreign country)
17. I'm going abroad on business next month.
18. We’re planning to go abroad on vacation soon.
Go along with Meaning 1: to travel with someone 19. Can I go along with you? Meaning 2: used to show agreement 20. I go along with that.

Go ahead (Meaning: used to give permission) 21. A: "Is it OK if I turn off the air-conditioner?" B: "Yes, go ahead."
22. A: "Can I take this chair?" B: "Sure, go ahead."
Go online (Meaning: to use the internet) 23. You can find anything if you go online.
24. Can you go online and locate this address?
Go away Meaning 1: leave me alone! 25. Go away! I'm trying to work. Meaning 2: to stop 26. I need something to make this headache go away.
Go crazy (Meaning: to become mad) 27. All this homework is making me go crazy!
28. You'll go crazy if you keep working all the time!
Go into detail (Meaning: give a lot of information) 29. I don't want to go into detail about it. 30. Can you go into detail about that?
Go for (Meaning: to choose something) 31. I think I'll go for the blue shirt. 32. You should go for the chocolate cake. It's really good.

Go for it! (Meaning: used to give encouragement) 33. A: "I'm thinking of applying for the manager's job" B: "Go for it!"
34. A: "I want to be first in my class this time." B: "Go for it!"
Go wrong Meaning 1: to make mistakes 35. If you prepare well, you won't go wrong. Meaning 2: to have problems 36. What do we do if something goes wrong?
Go together (Meaning: to look good with each other) 37. Your shirt and trousers go together very well. 38. I don't think those colors really go together.
Give it a go (Meaning: to try or attempt to do something) 39. Don't be afraid. Give it a go! 40. Why not give it a go?
Here we go (Meaning: used when something is going to begin) 41. The match is about to start. Here we go! 42. The plane is starting to take-off. Here we go!
Let it go (Meaning: don't worry about it) 43. It's OK that you failed the test. Let it go. 44. I know you didn't get the promotion, but let it go.
Way to go! (Meaning: Congratulations!) 45. I heard you passed the exam. Way to go! 46. A: "I finally got the promotion!" B: "Way to go! I knew you'd get it."
From the get-go (Meaning: from the beginning) 47. I've loved this job from the get-go.
48. This restaurant has been successful from the get-go.
Going on (Meaning: to be happening) 49. What's going on here? 50. I have no idea what's going on!