Advanced Phrasal Verbs 1

source: MrSkypelessons     2017年8月14日
Here is a class that deals with the first 10 chapters of Advanced Phrasal Verbs from Cambridge University Press. Answer the following questions: 1) Are there any infamous cover ups which you can think of?
2) What kind of behaviour is difficult to put up with?
3) Do you think the exams have been watered down?
4) What kind of issues would you like to speak out against?
5) Do you usually have a warm-up before you do sport?
6) Do you have any outstanding debts?
7) Which singers are making a comeback?
8) When unwanted guests call in on you, how do you fob them off?
9) When was the last time you pored over a document?
10) What do you think your academic success hinges on?
11) What kind of things eat away at your free time?
12) Have you ever had to sift through your rubbish? Why?
13) Have the customs officers ever rifled through your belongings?
14) What do you do to let off steam?
15) Do you have a tendency to faff around?
16) Do you think the media tends to skirt around the truth?